Our Programs

Outside the Line ~ Art

Join us this summer for a unique and exciting art experience! Our art program will focus on exploring art through different mediums. Watercolor, collage, vision boards, and tissue art are just some of the different ways we will express our creativity through art during this action-packed week. This week’s themes are foil painting and splatter painting, and each student will be asked to make at least one artwork using each theme! Our instructors will also give brief art lessons to teach students about some famous painters and their artwork. And when it is time for art break, students will be playing games and having fun with new friends!

Slime Week

It’s slime time as we spend a week with students to create new slime recipes that are only limited to your imagination! Our popular Slime Week teaches students the basics of how to make their own slime, and then shows students some of the most popular and trending slime recipes. Some of the slime is even edible! Our coordinators show students the latest slime tips and tricks and encourage creative thinking and working with friends. Students can customize their own slime by adding colors, scents, and textures. Once the slime is made, students can mold and play with their new creations. Slime Week lets kids get their hands dirty and have fun, but leaves the mess in the classroom and out of the car and home!

Games Galore

Leave the video controller behind and get ready for an action-packed week of fun and games with friends! With a diverse range of options, everyone can find the right game for them. Want to use your brainpower? Maybe the newest board game or a classic card game is calling your name. Or do you think you are in the mood for some physical activity? Then kickball and relay races might be what you are looking for. Whatever a student is in the mood for, our instructors will keep everyone engaged and having fun with new daily activities that fit every personality. Bring your A game and get ready to make new friends in a week full of excitement!

Hands on Science

Calling all future scientist! Put on your safety glasses and get ready for your next experiment in this week-long program. Some of the experiments students can plan to conduct during the week include using charcoal to purify water, making real crystals, testing how sugary drinks can impact teeth, and learning how colors can affect memory. Students are always encouraged to ask questions, get creative, and learn new skills in our safe, action-packed environment. And when our future scientists are done with their experiments, our instructors are excited to coordinate team games that help bring kids together and create lasting memories. Time for a little bit of education, and a whole lot of fun with science and friends!


Young engineers will spend the week designing and building to make their imaginations come to life. Our week long Lego program will foster creativity as students use Legos to design mazes, robots, moving cars, and more. Students will work together to solve tricky challenges and compete against each other to win fun games. Our instructors will use the engining design process to guide students from the beginning stages of asking questions and imagining solutions to creating something bigger and better than they once thought was possible. There’s something for every creative brain at our Lego week!

Wet & Wild Week

Slip and slide on over to Fun4All’s Wet and Wild Week where Students will beat the heat and have tons of summer fun! Our water themed week is sure to have Students building lasting friendships as they play water themed games and use our custom built sprinklers and other fun toys. Our coordinators are eager to match your student’s excitement with lots of fun games, activities, and more at Wet & Wild Week!

Bouncy Houses

Fun4All is excited to introduce a one day program that will have your student jumping with excitement! Join our coordinators for a day full of fun and laughter at our bouncy house camp. Students are sure to get their wiggles out as they play with friends in the bouncy house and do other fun games and summer activities that our coordinators have planned. We can’t wait to see you there!

Jewelry & Tie Dye

Calling all creative minds! Does your child have an eye for design? They are sure to love this one day program from Fun4All that explores color and design through creating wearable art like jewelry and tie dye. Students will learn about design, color theory, and more from our instructors as they work with dyes, beads, and even some repurposed materials to create custom wearable art.

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