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Outside the Line ~ Art

Art Week Get your creativity on with Fun4All’s Outside the Lines Art Week! Pack your bags for a Summer Vacation – each jam packed day will have a different theme including A Trip to the Zoo, Beach Day and Bored at Home to explore art through many types of mediums! Our instructors will combine brief art lessons with fun projects that are sure to give kids a great summer experience.


Are you passionate about creativity, problem-solving, and building? Fun4All’s LEGO Engineering Program is a week-long journey into the exciting world of engineering and innovation through the lens of LEGO bricks! Designed for young engineers, this immersive program offers a unique blend of fun and hands-on learning. Our instructors will foster creativity as students use LEGOs to design mazes, cars, and design solutions to challenges.

Slime Week

It’s slime time as we spend a week with students to create new slime recipes that are only limited to your imagination! Our popular Slime Week teaches students the basics of how to make their own slime, and then shows students some of the most popular and trending slime recipes. Some of the slime is even edible! Our coordinators show students the latest slime tips and tricks and encourage creative thinking and working with friends. Students can customize their own slime by adding colors, scents, and textures. Once the slime is made, students can mold and play with their new creations. Slime Week lets kids get their hands dirty and have fun, but leaves the mess in the classroom and out of the car and home!


Join us as we ignite the spark of curiosity in the next generation of young scientists during Fun4All’s Science Sleuth program. Instructors will guide students through fun projects and challenges like creating the highest rocket, making colorful elephant toothpaste, and designing and racing balloon powered cars.

Plant Pioneers Indoor Gardening

Calling all young nature enthusiasts and aspiring gardeners! Embark on an exciting journey that will be sure to inspire young gardeners to appreciate a variety of plants. Join Fun4All for hands-on learning, creativity, and fun during our Plant Pioneers Program. Students will learn the fundamentals of indoor gardening including plant care and the importance of sunlight, nutrients, and water. Students will get the chance to get their hands dirty as they design terrariums and learn about companion plants in their very own herb gardens.

Cosmic Curiosity

Blast off into a space themed week of adventure with Fun4All’s Cosmic Curiosity program. This immersive, educational program will take young explorers on an out of this world journey through our galaxy and beyond. Throughout the week, students will embark on simulated space missions and work together to complete challenges and design and test model rockets.

Once Upon a Summer

Welcome to a world of enchantment and imagination at Fun4All’s Once Upon a Summer week. This program is designed for kids who love the wonder and whim of fairy tales and fantastical adventure. Join us for a week of fantasy crafts, outdoor quests, and storytelling adventures that is sure to keep the curiosity alive for the entire summer.

Wet and Wild

Slip and slide on over to Fun4All’s Wet and Wild Week where students will beat the heat and have tons of summer fun! Our water themed week is filled with competitive games, water themed science and art projects. Instructors will facilitate slip and slide races, water balloon fights, and more during this fun filled week!

Visions, Craft & Jewelry Week

Make your visions come to life during Fun4All’s Visions Craft and Jewelry Week. Explore hands-on crafts like jewelry making, tie-dying,, and more. This program is designed to ignite the imaginations of young jewelers and craft enthusiasts, providing them with the perfect opportunity to explore their artistic talents while learning the skills for life-long hobbies.

Games Galore

Get ready for a week of fun and competition with Games Galore! With a diverse range of games, there’s fun for everyone. Play the latest board games with friends or learn the tricks of the trade with the classics like chess and checkers. We’ll also have all the equipment for your favorite outdoor activities like kickball, relay races, and four square. Bring your A game and get ready to make lasting friendships in a week full of excitement!

Riddle Rovers, Escape Room

Are you up for the challenge? Embark on an unforgettable adventure at Fun4All’s 3 day Riddle Rovers Escape Room program. Young minds become budding detectives and puzzle solvers. The week is sure to get your wheels turning as you work with others to search for clues and solve puzzles in order to unravel the truth. This exciting program is tailor-made for kids who love challenges, mysteries, and the thrill of escaping from perplexing situations.

Survivor Challenge

Prepare for the ultimate summer adventure during Fun4All’s Survivor Challenge week. This thrilling week-long program is designed to test kids’ problem-solving skills, teamwork, and resilience while providing an unforgettable experience and building lasting friendships. Work together to navigate through obstacle courses, solve challenges, and learn skills to help you survive in the great outdoors.

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